Terms and Conditions

  • Terms and conditions of service

    Grebe Watches makes a great effort by assuming part of the shipping cost, to facilitate the rates throughout Europe and the world. By purchasing on our website you accept the shipping conditions of the product through courier services. Grebe Watches does not deliver the products personally, but entrusts them to these proven companies throughout Europe. This implies that the customer is responsible for providing the correct shipping address and assumes any difficulties in the delivery of the product. These difficulties may vary from the absence of residents at the time of delivery, the impossibility of finding the delivered address, the reception of the product by third parties, etc. Courier services make two delivery attempts, after which, if there are no results, the product is returned to the sender. The cost of a new shipment is borne by the customer and the return of the money in case of a waiver of the purchase, will have a discount corresponding to the cost of shipping in which we had to incur. Reimbursement is made through the PayPal secure system. We suggest that you check the shipping address and if there is a possibility that there is no one at home, that it cannot be left at the concierge's office or that the address is complicated and there is a possibility that it cannot be found, send the shipment to the nearest pick up service. For any additional problems or questions, please contact our support team at